Latest COVID 19 UPDATES related to our Free Antwerp City Festival will be published here.

Update from 1st of July 
We are currently assessing how the situation will evolve between now and September 2021 and your health and safety during our event is our top priority.

We will soon publish our festival guidelines to keep it save for every individual Zuiderbuur and fully in line with the rules and regulations from local Antwerp & Belgian government. 

Please do not hesitate in the meantime to contact us if you have questions via our contact form & keep an eye on this COVID 19 UPDATES section for all latest info & guidelines. 

More info & updates soon. 




During the weekend of FRI 17/ SAT 18/ & SUN 19/ SEPTEMBER 2021 we transform the square in front of the Royal Museum of Fine Arts into the largest terrace of Antwerp.

A variety in activities, workshops & entertainment thanks to our Zuiderburen FRIENDS :

… Have a bite at our food court and taste your favorite eateries of “ ‘t Zuid”. 🍜

… Play a petanque game with friends alongside a glass of wine for the real ‘je-ne-sais-quoi’ vibe. 🍷

… Let your kids go wild in the early afternoon on great music or let them get a face paint by Fee Fiona. An easy afternoon for you and happy kids guaranteed. 🙏

… Make sure you’re ready for a crazy party by famous DJs and local heroes. 🎤

… Just ‘Zuiderburen & Relax’, the better version of ‘Netflix & Chill’.
*** Keep an eye on our social media channels for more updates ***


Zuiderburen offers street food and appetizers for every taste, literally.

Start your day with a healthy breakfast and mouth-watering coffee. Only to compensate later in the afternoon by stopping by at the ice-cream bike.
Everything in life is about balance, right?

Meat lovers will be charmed by the smell of delicious meat dishes and we’ll meet our veggie friends at the food stand nextdoor for their delicious vegetarian Tikka Masala or Empañadas.

Still hungry? 

Last, but not least: ‘Tartino Zuid’ & ‘Finjan’, aka 2 local legends of “’t Zuid”.
One is renowned for their fresh cheese and shrimp croquettes and perfect apero, the latter for their famous quinoa salad and kebab after a long night of dancing (and a drink or two or three..).
When we say every taste, we mean every taste.


A little party never killed nobody. And a big party neither. 😉 Music for people of all ages will be present at Zuiderburen, during the day until late night.

Let your kids go wild in the early afternoon on the music at our Food Court. Discover your inner Spaniard with the help of Peña Al Andalus and their flamenco workshop. And be ready for a crazy party with our local heroes and big names playing at our mainstage as from the afternoon until late at night; DJ  KAT, Omdat Het Kan Soundsystem, Average Rob, Nico Morano, Vlem & Frauss, Jean Le Rouge, Tach, DJ Kobalt and many more.

To top it all off, we finish Sunday night in style with Discobaar A Moeder, a legendary Antwerp phenomenon, in front of the majestic Antwerp Royal Museum of Fine Arts. A perfect combo, even if we say so ourselves.

Make sure to follow us on social media to stay updated on the final line-up.


A city festival in front of the prestigious Antwerp Royal Museum of Fine Arts calls for cool cultural side activities.

During Zuiderburen weekend, the most beautiful galleries of Antwerp will be open for a visit, check  Antwerpart.be for more info.

If exhibitions aren’t quite your cup of tea, a few other alternatives:

  • The renowned gym The Brick organizes an outdoor workout to get your heart rate up and to burn some excess calories you may have gained from our delicious drinks and food partners.
  • Fancy more of a lower intensity activity? Antwerp Petanque Casuals will set up a free petanque competition.
  • We will host a lovely flower arranging workshop for some extra flower power.
  • Our little ‘Zuiderbuurtjes’ can get a beautiful face-paint by Fee Fiona.
  • Imagine yourself in beautiful Andalusia and follow a flamenco class by Peña Al Andalus.

Open to everyone and free of charge of course. Be sure to register online if you want to join one (or more) of our activities: click here!

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